Sales Call Handling

Our users and members have the opportunity to refer phone sales calls to us, where we screen out which telephone sales calls should go through.

Fill out the form below if you represent a sales business that has been referred to us by one of our users. We will notify our user if we decide that your business should get the right to establish a dialogue with our user. You will then be contacted directly by our user. Do not contact our user directly.

Have you tried to contact a consumer or business
Have you tried to contact by phone or email
Epost henvendelser er ikke noe vi håndterer for våre brukere. Vi håndterer kun telefonsalgssamtaler for våre brukere.
Are you calling from a Norwegian company?

Bli medlem

Vi forsøker å advare så mange som mulig mot de useriøse selskapene som aktivt forsøker å svindle forbrukere og bedrifter.